The Return of El Capitan

Apr 30, 2009, 8:53 PM |

Long story short, so I can get to the games:

Since my team did so well in the Project Chess: City Council Cup last year, the Chess-in-the-Schools organization decided to host their next event -- the Tony Avella Chess Tournament -- at Bayside High School. Mr.Hirata, my old team's supervisor, contacted me with an invitation; apparently, Whitestone Academy is affiliated with Bayside H.S., and I was still entitled to participate in all of my old team's activites! So I stepped into my old seat and resumed the role of El Capitan...

And my team, once again, claimed first prize! In individual play I matched my previous record of 3-1 (but the loss was on time; I completed the game, between rounds, with my opponent and won), and everyone else did spectacularly. We tackle the next annual Project Chess: City Council Cup at the end of this month -- wish us luck!

Here are my games from the Tony Avella Chess Tournament -- full commentary soon to come: