Quest to become a strong chess player

Mar 7, 2008, 7:54 AM |

This is my first blog.  I joined this sight on 11 February because I wanted to get back into playing chess and hopefully improve to being a relatively strong player, my current turn based rating is 1250.  My goal is to push my rating to 1800 to 2000, to spike anywhere above 2000 would be the ultimate goal.  What I have discovered in life is that while reaching the goal is a rewarding accomplishment, it is the journey which brings the most joy and fulfilment. 

As I started this quest I went back home to recover my chess library that my dad had at his house, unfortunately he had gotten rid of my books, while this may seem like a tragedy I look upon it as a chance to rebuild with the proper books that will make me better rather than having books on things I do not need to be studying yet or are way over my level in chess.  Fortunately I still had all of the Yasser Seirawan Winning Chess book that I had purchased a while back, I do not own the endings book nor the newest one which I believe is combinations.  I  have been scanning the forums on this site as well as checking the Amazon site for reviews of chess books to see where to go from here, I just ordered Chess: 5334 Problems, Combinations, and Games so I can work through it to start contenue my tactical base.  I am currently reading Seirawan's Tactics book as well as working through Chess Mentor 3 and using the tactical trainer on this site.

 I would like to close my first blog entry out by saying what a wonderful site this is, and that the staff at should be commended for this site.  After a few weeks of playing chess on this site and checking it out I joined as a member to help support this site. 

I would appreciate any thoughts or suggestions anyone might have.  I will keep posting my my progress through my blog, and let you know how my quest is going.