More on the quest

Mar 22, 2008, 10:36 AM |

I was hoping to post sooner, but work was very busy.  A few thank yous first.  First to Erik and the staff wonderful site and excellent support.  Give yourself an atta boy and a pat on the back.  i also saw your ad in Chess Life, glad to see you are advertising.  I would like to thank MORFIOS for giving me my first trophy.  I would also like to thank norsehorse for replying to my first post.

I am glad that the tactics trainer is fixed, kudos to the team, Mt rating was dropping like a rock, yet I seemed to be getting better at spotting tactics in games that I was playing.  I still got bit by them my fair share of times as well.

After reading reviews on books I have changed my course of book study.  I am now working through "Worlds Champion Guide to Chess" by Susan Polgar.  The book is simple and I like the layout.  I feel comfortable with the book so my confidence is high that I will learn from it.  I am also working through 5334 Problems, Combinations, and Games.  I am surprised at how many of the 2 move mates escape me at this time.  Proof that my tactical vision needs improvement.

norsehorsesuggested "my System by Aron Nimzovich, and your comments about going through it will be taken to heart.  I owned this book once, see last blog for why I don't own it now.  My System is definitely a read that will happen, only after I sure up the tactical side of my game.  Susan Polgar had a good quote about tactics it says, "There's a famous saying, "Chess is 99% tactics."  That may be an exaggeration, but no matter how deep your strategic understanding is, it can never replace accuracy in calculating a tactical positions." from her book " Chess Tactics for Champions".  She goes on to say that a player will get a lot farther with a solid tactical base with basic knowledge of strategy.  The really good players have a balance of both.  So for now I am concentrating on tactic, but the day will com where I will want to start the balance between the two worlds.

 My rating has increased a bit since my first blog, just under 1300 now.  My goal is to be in the 1400's by summer.  I realize that with each goal I achieve I will still feel that my game is missing something, and thus I will continue to strive for better play in my chess.  When the day comes that I hit my maximum potential I will look back and realize what a great journey I have been on, as well as the people who I have befriended while warring on the 64 squares.

As always comments and suggestions are welcome.

Until the next blog, Happy warring on the 64 squares.