Winning on time

Mar 24, 2008, 8:07 AM |

I just won two games on time.  At first there was happiness in that I just posted two victories and that my rating was going to improve.  Shortly after I had discovered my wins I went for a walk and started to reflect on those wins.  The victories became hollow, I felt cheated, I lost the chance at the thrill of the battle.  Here are the games I just won on time.







And in this game my opponent had a slight advantage.







How these games would have turned out, I do not know.  With proper play and a little luck maybe I would win one and draw the other.  The more likely scenario would have been a win and a loss. 

I have now changed my preferences to not to claim an automatic win on time.  This does not mean I won't claim a victory on time, but I will allow a few extra hours to give my opponent the chance.  If this happens more than once during a game, or the opponent abuses the time controls I will claim the time forfeiture.  I know why time controls are there and they should be.  Unfortunately life does get in the way of our enjoyable pursuits, and you may not get to a computer on time even to use a vacation break to clean up whatever life has thrown at you.

I play chess for the thrill of competition, and to win, lose, or draw based on my knowledge and skill.  This is what gives me pleasure and satisfaction in playing chess.  I love going to war on the 64 squares, I may be merciful once because of time, but cross me on it again and my mercy will run out.