How my Brother and I used to play!

This post basically deals with what happened when my brother and I used to start the game when we did not have any knowledge of the opening theory. This is how it finally looked!


  • 4 years ago


    Chess as you now know, like war, relies on tactics and strategy. When a beginner moves his pieces to form what he sees as "art", such as all the pawns out on the 4th rank, etc., it reminds me of how movies would depict the British fighting the Yanks, by marching in straight lines to "look good" and be formal, right into the gunfire of their enemies.

     As the player progresses in skill, he sees another type of "beauty" and "art" on the board in the form of forks, pins, double and triple forks, skewers, sacrifices, smothered mates, and brilliant combinations.

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