Another story.

Apr 2, 2009, 5:53 PM |

Just another day on the job...*sigh*. O.K. I my want to start from the beginning. My true name is Casey but my street name is Spider. So there I was listening to Powerman 5000 and I just decided to take an abounded, no biggie, no one was using it. I take it and suddenly there was some guy knocking blow me! Now I was starting to freak out, think about it, I was hanging out, When World Collied was blaring and some knocking was going on. I walked over to the dark corner, you know, thinking it was a zombie or something.I admit my blade was out, but c'mon this was freaky!Now, my blade was something all people fear, it was a butrues knife but serrated and sharpened so much that running your thumb over it slits your finger in half! Now where was I... right the knocking. I walk over to knocking, and I noticed something I never quite saw before. A thin strap of leather was hanging off the cement.

I yanked it.



So I went home and looked around my garage. I found a jack laying around the ground. I tried that out, nothing. So I went back home, again. I uped the liquid, from water to mecury. I went back, still freaken nothing! A month went by doing this over and over and over and over... During this time my grades started to rise, it was amazing! Now;my grades were never amazing, but I always managed. So I took a closer look at the cement, and discovered it wasn't cement at all! I Took a look around the place and found a plug right next to the wall, I tried everything, nothing. I even tried a mouse, that led to a keyboard that fit perfectally.

To be continued...