Chess Conspericy

Dec 20, 2009, 7:45 PM |

This is a story of how a chess "team" (the white color) fell apart at the seams due to something that leaked into the pawns. Enjoy, it is weird.

This story was written from the Rook's perceptive.

People think that I am slow, I'm not; I simply chose when to speak, and when not to speak. The others think that I am slow, I just chose not to bring myself down to their lowly level.
White King is not the man who you would imagine him to be, or even as he imaginations himself. He is a cruel man, a man who if you had decided to cross paths with him, you would not be able to live for five years tops.
The bishops are even worse, they have eyes on every corner of the world. Working together they can kill someone without even thinking twice about it. They are able to move across fourteen miles in a single year, and kill someone in the same year. When they work together they can control the entire [term for board]. But if one of them dies, then they lose exactly half of their ground.
The Knights are an elite group of warriors that hop around and kill whomever they please to. They are King's own little body guards, and will do whatever he says, when King says so.
The Pawns are a the grunt's of this place. They follow the command of King; for some weird reason they are epically happy when they are going to be bait for Black to attack.

The war started because while Black and White were trying to make the world a more open place, Black casually mentioned that they were the ones who were taking most of their crops. White was, as you could figure, very angry at what had happened, and decided to launch a full-scale war. Within a year, they world that we know of, was in complete chaos, villages were attacking each other and the lords had to align themselves in the Black cause of the White cause.

{I've stopped caring, if you want to know the rest of the story; I can tell it to you, without giving all of the details. If you want to claim if for your own, tell me before you do so.}