Apr 14, 2009, 6:55 PM |

I like fire; no big deal, right? My favorite is fireworks- how they fly in a strait arc- not falling at all. I wish I could do that; speed to the top,and when I get there everyone sees me; then I never stay there, just poof off leaving smoky mess for someone else to mess with. I mean- sometimes it gets out of hand-maybe. I always have had, and hopefully will, my fingers. I lost some fat- I will live- right? Right- name- my name is Dom- but everyone calls me Flashpoint. Probably because the first day I came to school I had a pocket full of gunpowder. Oh; you should have seen the faces THAT one brought on. It was was as if a M-80 went off in their classroom HAHA! I guess that bringing gunpowder to a freaked out school was a bad idea- oh well. It's not as if I could have dumped it out on the street. 


To be continued...