Unedited piece.

Jun 16, 2009, 4:58 PM |

Here's a Valkyrie fighting a Were. Enjoy, and add feedback when possible.

 My leather coat is slapping against my calf, it doesn't hurt, but it's just that it makes a small noise every time it does. I don't have a name, only a very long number. I'm sitting atop a massive building, the humans have built it to, I think, to protect themselves from the Were.
 I felt a small gust of wind, where wind wasn't coming from. I fell forwards. I landed on my feet, cursing myself for making a noise. You need to are better than to make a noise, yuo can shift time, a little noise woulden't be too hard to stop.I flashed my hand toward my sheathed sword, I griped the handle, the leather creaking slightly under my grip. I felt the wind again, it is to cold to be anything but the damned.


To be continued.