Some quotes

Apr 22, 2009, 6:13 PM |

I know this is a little off, but bare with me for this. I like quotes, and I have slowly been building an army of them; take a look:

"for without the darkness, how can we see the light?" Me

"In the darkest room, nothing changes, no fighting, no arguing, the most peacefull place in the world"

"you don't need to lie to meeeee... lie to me...." goodsmack- straight out of line

"my skin went sour long ago, it knew it had no place left to go..." alkaline trio

"well it's not fair, it's not even close. You fed me the sun, burned me upside and watched me choak" alkaline trio- I lied my face off

"weaker days await..." alkaline trio- weak week

"so happy valinentines day, I hope he sun's out in new york, I hope he bought you rosses, I hope he bought you rosses" alkaline trio

"falling like stars into the ocean black were going to dissapear" alkaline trio- dethbed

"Death bring fear, and fear brings death, therefor let us imbrace death and not fear it" me

"the more I talk the less I say, when the words get in the way" the exies- these are the days

"I got pages of dreams, their coverded in piss" alkaline trio (again)

"like watching newborn babys CRACK from work related stress" alkaline trio

"Who knows?/ Not me/ we never lost control./ Your face/ to face/ with the man who sold the world" Nirvana; The Man Who Sold the World.

"For years and years I roamed/ I gazzed a gazzly stare/ we walked a million years/ I must have died alone, a long long time ago..." Nirvana, The Man Who Sold the World

"Trust isn't a gift, Cameron. You earn it, and it's not cheap." Greywalker by kat Richardson

"some injuries dobt pass,/ the injuries don't heal/ they merely find a place in our guts/ and in our bones" Sharp Teeth by Toby Barlow.

"What is it really that motivates you?/ This need to fly?/ Or the fear to stop?" Powerman 5000: When Worlds Colliade

"I can see through you, see your true colors, and inside your ugly your ugly like me; I can see through you see to the real you..." Stained- outside

"The dream disappears when the dreamer stops dreaming." Ghost Radio- Leopoldo Gout.

"When we connect our hearts and our minds, there's no stopping us." Madina Lake- Never Take Us Alive. I really like this one.

"she's the one who I adore... queen of my silent suffication" Apocalyptica- bittersweet This is a little personal; I know.

"we built our confedence on wastelands/see how the walls come down" Apoctilpica- life burns

"you can always tell an idiot out when he calls something gay" me

"don't try to fight this, just deal with it, it's just part of this" apocalyptica- I don't care