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The scene

May 26, 2009, 7:16 PM 3

Just a pre-note, I changed the format for speech so that only the first line is indented, I just want to point that part out. I have to make a little act thingy, so I'm going to try and make one:

King N.
Criminal (Male)
Victim (Female)


Enter scene in a well lit room, the stone walls are covered in battle axes, swords, spears, and other medieval weaponry. A king sits in a beautiful chair, surrounded by jesters, beautiful women(?), and royal guards.


            King! A trial is in order for a prisoner!


King N.

            Very well; bring the man to me.


A ragged looking man enters the stage, leaving behind him a trail of dirt.



            Oh! Your majesty! I- I ain't have a thought in my head of what to say!


King N.

            Then perhaps you can tell your story...



            Oh! Of course! I was just walking along the street, and I heard a young lady scream, it pierced the chilling air like no other! So I rushed into the Alleyway, and saw an old lady laying on the street. There was a dark puddle on the alleyway and so I rushed over too her, and started to figure out where the damage occurred, and found the cut on her neck, so I ripped off her dress, where I saw that she had been raped. That's all- I swear!

King N.

Very well, Servant, bring out the victim!

A young beautiful women enters the stage, all who see her are entrances by her beauty, weapons lower, drool appears. She walks, leaving a purple trail behind her.

Young Lady

He- he- raped me, I watched him do it!


WHAT!? I did no such thing!


I watched you do it!

King N.

Both of you, although normally I listen to every side, but it is lunch

King N. waves his hand in the direction toward the two sitting on their knees.

King N.

Servant, kill both of these

The two start to act insane.


What? How can you do that to us!?


But-but- I didn't DO anything!

King N. walks off stage, ignoring the twos cries. The guards take the two, but stop at the servant.


Don't worry, he always hears trials before meals.

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