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~Agony of a Bird~

~Agony of a Bird~

Nov 25, 2016, 2:44 AM 2

It was after a stroll in the park that I decided to sit on the nearby concrete chair and there perched a bird on its arm rest. I looked at the bird and so does it at me but that was a sharp piercing agonizing terrible look which invoked a doubt and i asked myself, "isn't anything not right ???".Before i could figure out the scenario the bird shot a quick question at me,in-fact it was shrilling ,"how many more years you need to finish trumping up this earth" .Bewildered and shocked I sat blank for i never thought a bird could ever speak!!. I tried to gain the composure and went on for a clarification, "eh... excuse me... what are you talking about". The rejoinder was the harshest I ever could imagine, s/he said "now stop making innocence out of your ugly face, idiot", then gave a shrug and flew away. Perplexed I sat there for some time later to realize that it was the most decent expression of a poor bird's agony at the destructive forces played out by the bunch of rascals called humans, to whom I too belong... sad.png

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