Feb 12, 2012, 8:44 AM |

What is Life????Life is a cell capable of performing biochemical reactions, thus goes the definition of science about life though it fail to ascertain its purpose. Approaching the mystery of life and soul is very interesting, atleast to some and i am one of them. When it comes to the purpose and nature of life we dont have a satisying answer yet. Even in the 21st century humans despite their advances in science and technology stand as a mute spectator before the mystery of LIFE.

Then how we will approach these unanswered questions pertaining to life. Do we have any records or document giving straight hints.No we dont have staright hints but have certain hidden keys preserved through ages in manuscripts and texts ascribed to various religions of the world.

Reference to life and soul in Rigveda, the worlds known oldest religious text attest the fact that even 2000 years before humans were amused by the mysteries of life. We can see references to God Yama who was responsible for Death or the holder of life in Vedas. The jain and buddhist scripture give a very different version of life, according to their tradition life is an unending cycle of sorrow and the purpose of every birth is to get rid of the vagaries of life cycle by attaining kaivalya or nirvana, soul was an unknown idea to these non violent propagandas. An assessment of greek belief of this period gives another story, where mortal men qualified for an after life in perpetuity. Semetic religions also uphold the concept of soul and eternal afterlife. Other minority religions of the world including animistic religions follow traditions supporting notion of life and soul which is substantiated by the voodooist practices followed in Africa and certain carribean islands. So life and soul is more or less associated entities of a universal concept.

Hence researches should be done in a complimentary framework that connects both entities to search for their physical, chemical, biological and spiritual relatioship to reveal the mysteries of life