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Feb 24, 2012, 11:06 PM 6



21st century is a transition period for the wolrd order. The prominence is shifting from the north to south, but keep in mind that the term north and south doesnt have anything to do with geography but it refers to the developed (north) and developing (south) world.The wall is well written and a few nations are emerging, some from ASIA , some from SOUTH AMERICA, some from AFRICA and another one from EURASIA.

China, India and south east asian countries including the tiger economies are redefining ASIA and it is evident that the silk route is emerging once again to the front stage of the world in its new version. China has already emerged as a leading export hard power of the world and its ability to produce large to cater foreign markets has leveraged its muscles to further its advances in other fields too. India on the other hand is a soft power which has written its own success story by keeping a perfect balance of foreign and domestic trade. The favourable demographic dividend of the country will play its fortune to make the largest democracy of the world into a super power by 2050 according to an IMF report. These two countries with thier neighbouring economies and energy rich caspian countries is all set to revive the old ASIAN story in the new age. Yes Asia is rediscovering her place.

Here comes the other power, the EURASIAN giant Russia. Russia, a member of BRICS grouping have a comfort zone of immense energy which is a determining factor of growth. Her claims over large tracts of continental shelf bordering arctic sea is enough to know the prospects of that country.The huge reserves of untapped oil and gas in the arctic will increase her negotiating power in the global arena and the envisaged regular maritime route through the arctic will further her strategic position in the world.


Now we move onto the African continent which was hitheto a resource ground for the developed Europe and presently a scramble floor for developing ASIA. The resource rich continent, Africa consistently failed to exploit her resource for her own benefit because of the ensuing tensions and secterian rivalry between various stake holders( sometimes incited by external powers) and the result was midddlemen often profited and in other cases the resources remained unexplored. But now the stage is all set to change, Africa too is undergoing a transition. With major regional players like south africa, Kenya, Nigeria etc the continent is now heading towards the path of reconcilement and introspection. I do agree that we have still some failed states in Africa, a combined result of  absence of lawlessness,insurgency, political tyranny, sectarian tensions and other factors.But iam optimistic that Africa will do better to outperform many in this century itself.


Next is Latin America, a part of the world that long remained under the shadow of its powerful North.The most interesting part of the story is happening here. The countries of the region under the leadership of Brazil, Venezuela and Argentina are emerging out of the clouts of its Northern powerful neighbours. The region once notorious for its worst inequality and lawlessness has improved a lot in terms of equality and standard of living.Now South America boast a huge investment in social sector than any other developing countries of the world. And more over these countries will be the next bread basket of the globe. Possessing a major share of water of the world and quality soil this region will increase its food production in future to cater to an ever increasing global polpulation. Venezuela, blessed with its oil reserves and together with the agriculture oriented eport based industries of Brazil and Argentina will lead the area to transform South America to another strategic pole of the powerful world.


So it is very clear for me that we are going to live in an age of multiple powers, yes we are approaching a MULTI POLAR WORLD ORDER.


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