Chess as Meditation Aid

Sep 24, 2009, 7:44 AM |

Going in to the realm of meditation there is lots of different techniques. Most famous is clearing the mind. To have a state of no thought and if a thought do rise up to let is go again. But there is lots of other exercises to aid you on your way.

I have found that chess combines lots of these exercises in to one game. A good chess player needs concentration, visualization, logic, imagination, intuition and inspiration.

But that does not make chess players spiritual people. As these attributes is only an aid. Like a long distance runner that would some time do weights or go swimming. Swimming or doing weights is not going to make you a good long distance runner. You need to put some miles behind your back for that. So to can the chess player use his Imagination to Visualize the spiritual world. Use his Concentration to keep his mind from wondering around while he is Contemplating the divine worlds or Praying.

So if you want to be a good chess player you can meditate to help you play better chess. Or if you follow the spiritual path you can play chess to make you a better meditator.

Which ever road you follow remember to enjoy life as it is just a game that you play for a short while.

Kindness Herman