A perfect game? Not yet

Mar 5, 2015, 3:44 PM |

My games database is growing, and I must say I'm getting good results. In 62 games: 50 wins, 4 draws and 8 loses, increasing my rating from 1712 to 1852

Main reason for such good results has been following the advice aussiedj gives at this article: (Beginner Under 1400 Secrets to Calculation) 20 minute Exercise TEST I advice every beginner player to do that.

Anyway, after I end every game I analyze it with Scid (see Some tools for newby/casual players (like me)) and I find the huge amount of blunders I commit every time. I hope sooner or later I will play a "perfect" game, ie, a game with no serious blunder.

Lasts days I've had two candidate games for my perfect game. Although they were actually not perfect and I made some blunders, both of them have nice (and wrong) sacrifizes, so I'll show them to you.

This is the first one:

Well, I was proud of my rook sacrifize but, what a deception, it was not a good move. Remember: the defender is not always forced to accept a sacrifize!

A few days after I got another candidate game. This time I played back pieces, and I did another sacrifize (an exchange sacrifize) but, unlike the previous one, it didn't lead to a set of forced movements to mate. I have to say I got two pawns for the exchange, so maybe naming it a "sacrifize" is a bit exaggerated.

This is the game, in another thematic tournament (Accelerated Dragon):

And that's all. Still looking for my game-with-no-blunders, I hope I can get one before I reach 100 online games. At least these were not totally bad.