Eight game: h4 was so obvious!

Jun 13, 2015, 7:15 AM |

Hi again,

here is my eight game at XXVII Internacional Vila de Sant Boi. This round I played Josep Maria Salvador, a player from Moli Nou.

Let me start by the ending. After struggling most of the game I achieved to get a winning endgame. The winning move was a very obvious and simple one, one that was easy even for me but, surprisingly, despite I knew in the game that this was THE move, I moved something else to draw the game.

But, I played g4?? and white locked all kingside. Anyway white had his own chances during the game and he missed some winning moves before, so a draw is a good result.

The opening

The game itself was, again, a Najdorf Sicilian in which, after allowing my opponent to get a clear advantage through a tactic we both missed, I managed to exchange our darksquare bishops.


From previous position white preassured using his strong points. First he attacked on d6 weakness, and after d file was closed he took control of b file, having a superior position. But finally, and after white missed another winning move, position was simplified and we entered a fairly equal endgame.

The end game

Finally, all tension around open files is gone, and we reached an endgame where white has a slight advantage. White player fails to find the right plan, and instead he starts a looong journey with his king and pieces towards a4, which gives me the opportunity of taking the initiative at kingside and reach a won ending for black... but then I missed the easiest move.

Finally we agreed a draw, which is a good result as the game was.

The tournament

Only we have the last round to play and this is the situation at the tournament.

Elias Alvarez leads the tournament with 8/8 points (great tournament) and he will win no matter what happens in the last round.

Then follows Jin Qijun with 6/8 points, and a set of six players with 5.5/8 (Josep Maria Salvador, Lluis Vega, David Lozano, Guillermo Torrubia, Alejandro Casaus and Jose Antonio Garcia) with chances to go for the 2nd place trophy. As Josep Maria, Lluis and Guillermo will have better tie break values than me, I need to win my own game against Jin Qijun and expect that them all lose or draw their games.

Easiest seems to get the first place in the U1800 trophy. Only threat is Pedro Miguel (5/8) who won last round by forfeit of his opponent. As he is behind at any tie break value I'll only lose the first place if I lose my game and he wins his own, a very possible scenario, thought :(. He will play against Josep Maria Salvador.

Third is Alfonso Rodriguez (4.5/8) but it is very unlikely that he increases his tie break points enough to win, even if we achieves to catch us in points.