First over-the-board game!


As I told you a few days ago, I've joined a Chess Club and I was going to play my first official on-the-board game.

The tournament is the XXVII Internacional Vila de Sant Boi. As an starting player in the Catalan Federation I start with a 1700 rating so I'm playing at the weakest group but I didn't think I would play any tournament at all when I started playing at a few months ago, so it's great.

I'll be posting the games of this tournament. The first one was against Josep Miquel Calderón, a nice guy from Gavà. Althought he told me that we would finish early we were one of the last in finishing our game, nearly 0:40 (games start at 21:00), but it was a nice game.

Here it is, in pieces.

First, the opening

My opponent played an Scandinavian defense (e4, d5) so very soon my openings knowledge went out. I got a superior position, but overestimated a double attack from black that made me not to finish my development. That threat wasn't real, as black could only take my pawn at the cost of a terrible attack.

Transition into middlegame

I continue struggling to develop my Bc1 because the imaginary threats I see on my pawn structure. But despite all I get a good position: black loses his dark bishop, his dark squares are weak, I get control of important squares, my pieces are better coordinated and have more space in both wings.

More middlegame, the struggle to create a passed pawn and keep it alive

At this point I was worried about two black possible breaks. e5 and c5. I wanted to create a passed pawn from d4, and I succeed in it, but its life wasn't easy...

The ending

It may seem that this new position of the black knights is more aggresive, but it allows white to simplify the position and enter a won endgame. Black should have played Kf8 at some point, taking d pawn.

And that's everything. Not a very exciting game, but at least I did no serious mistake and got a win in the first game.