Sixth OTG game, blunders festival :)

Jun 2, 2015, 3:58 PM |

Hi again,

here it is (a bit late) my sixth game at XXVII Internacional Vila de Sant Boi. This time I played black against a young player named Pedro Escoriza.

It was the fourth sicilian game in a row, although my oponent chose to play a not very common anti-sicilian line, the Snyder line. Actually I should say that he tried to play the Snyder line, as two consecutive blunders from my side before 4th move lead the game out from any theorical path.

Today I won't divide the game into parts, but tell it in a row.

The puzzle

Although it is not a great game, there is a nice puzzle in it. Are you able to find the winning continuation for white?

The game

As said, I made two blunders at first 4 moves and I had to sacrifize a pawn to avoid losing a piece. I tried to get some development advantage to compensate the lost pawn but I failed and commited some more errors while playing. Even in the game these moves seemed unsound to me.

On their side, white played an easy game, avoiding any complication and looking forward to exchange pieces to reach the ending with an extra pawn. He discarded some good moves and I was able to equalize but I managed to blunder again and get my bishop trapped.

However, white could not take the bishop and, once the piece was safe again and still with a pawn less, we agreed a draw with no time at our clocks.

Not a very instructive game, but here it is :)