Third match and first lose

May 8, 2015, 3:55 PM |

Hi again,

yesterday I played my third game in the XXVII Internacional Vila de Sant Boi. It was a very disappointing game, not for the result itself (I'll lose lots of games in the future, I hope), but because the fact I actually didn't play a chess game.

First part of the game is just opening theory, and once I have to play I made severe mistakes. Sure, it makes no sense to publish this game but, as I'm publishing all of them I'll do the same with this one for the sake of completeness.

My oponent was Manuel Belmonte, a very friendly guy I had the opportunity to speak with after our (short) game.

The opening

And, in fact, I was very happy at the beginning of the game. It was the first time I had to face an opening I knew (a sicilian dragon) and, even more, this is an opening leading to positions I enjoy playing.

At this point I thought that Rxc6 was somewhat unsound (but actually it is not) and looked for any way to hostigate the rook at c6. I discarded Bb5 because Rxc3 (the exchange sacrifize at c3 is a thematic one in the dragon, but it would not even be a sacrifize after Bb5 as black would win material) and when I was going to play Be2 to continue with g4-h4-h5 I suddenly changed my mind without a proper analysis.

Mistakes, bad habits and blunders

As I told you in my first game (see 10th move there), sometimes after a "long" analysis I suddenly change my mind at the last second and do another move without thinking any more. I did that twice in the moves that follow.

And that's everything. I hope next week I can bring an interesting game.