PCL is Back and Ready for Love!

PCL is Back and Ready for Love!

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Welcome back guys to another round of predictions.  As you may have noticed, I was pretty much the 3rd best crystal ball last week in our predictions competition.  Since I was tied for third and there's five of us, I think it's clear that my predictions will be the most accurate.  Why you might ask? 


Now, quickly, before you point out that my logic here is statistically bunk, let's get into the matches I can't WAIT to see. 

San Diego Surfers vs Las Vegas Desert Rats

Now, San Diego has a lot going for it.  It's close to Lajolla, it's got one of's favorite personalities, Melik Khachiyan as one of its GMs, I was born there, but more importantly, they're going to win!  Look for IM Keaton Kiewra to make a splash!  

My prediction: 

Miami Champions vs New York Knights

Last week I called them the Missing in Action Champions, but Hikaru Nakamura will be on board 1.  I say that again, Hikaru Friggin' Nakamura will be on board 1.  After having faced Cloverfield and Godzilla, can New York withstand the Big Naka?  

My prediction?

Columbus Cardinals VS Carolina Cobras

I was super impressed with the Cobras last week who suffered an INGLORIOUS miss-click last week.  Can my home town heroes pull of an upset?  

My prediction:

And now for my full list of predictions!

Pittsburgh-Minnesota: 9-7 Be greedy, grab pawns!
Webster-Saint Louis: 7-9 Two great chess cultures, I just see St. Louis as having a little more punch.
Rio Grande-Dallas: 9-7 for Rio
San Fran-San Jose: 9-7 for the Mechanics
Portland-Seattle: 10-6 
San Diego-Vegas: 10-6 for the Surfers! 
Lagos-Abuja: 9-7
Amsterdam-Apeldoorn: 9-7
Hamburg-Dublin: 9-7
Reykjavik-Stockholm: 10-6 Lets admit it, we’re all Puffin fans now.
London Towers-London Lions: 16-0 for the Towers We don’t need no civil war!
Delhi-Mumbai: 6-10 for the Mumbs!
Amaravati-Odisha: 10-6
Gorky-Shymkent: 9-7 Gorky! 
Belgrade-Budapest: 9-7
Riga-Ljubljana: 10-6 Riga kicked total rear last time, I’m not voting against them again!
Norway-Johannesburg: 9-7 Reeling after last week’s loss, and still missing their Magnus, I expect Norway to barely overcome Johannesburg
Patagonia-Buenos Aires: 8-8 because everyone needs to predict a draw now and again.
NY-Miami: 6-10 Look for El Naka to destroy NY like Godzilla never could
Columbus-Carolina: 7-9 for the big CAROLINA UPSET!
Philadelphia-Atlanta: 7-9 Kings!
Montclair-NY:  9-7 for my Yale Brother, Robert Hess!  Wait.  I never went to Yale. 
Toronto-Montreal: 7-9 Still without their Caruana, I expect the Brahs to support each other like Brahs do.  You know.  Be supportive.  And stuff.

So what do you think  Are my predictions better than last week's?  Let me know!