Playoff Season! Round Number Dos!

Playoff Season! Round Number Dos!


Oh yeah peoples!  As they say in Highlander 2 . . . wait, did anyone watch Highlander 2?  I'M SO SORRY!  You deserve better than that.

And you know what's better than Highlander 2?  LITERALLY EVERYTHING--but especially better than Highlander 2 is the PCL round 2 coming up on in two shakes of an insomniac lamb's tail. 

The teams are thinning out, so coverage is getting better and better!  The POWER FOURSOME of the League are still in it.  Magnus' Gnomes, Caruana's Chessbrahs, Nakamura's Champs, and So's Archbishops are all still in the mix.  A Super GM is a wonderful thing to have, but is there a chance that one of these mighty top-10-in-the-world might fall to another team?  You bet your cousin's go cart there is! 

Now, your cousin's go cart might not seem like much, but it's worth a lot to him, and I wouldn't bet it lightly! 

The highest chance of losing a Super GM bolstered team in the PCL, in my humble opinion, comes in the match between the Arch Bishop's and the Surfers.  This is a rematch of the last game in the regular season.  In that, Melik and Dreev made a heroic stops the St. Louis duo So and Akobian.  This time, not only will they have to hold, but their lower boards are going to have to come through and get the victory as well.  Could this happen?  Could the stars align?  Could everything go right for the Surfers?

Delhi v Norway             Gnomes 7-9
Budapest v Gorky        Gambit 9-7

Marseille v London      Migraines 10-6
Stockholm v Towers    Towers 9-7

Montreal v Montclair   Chessbrahs 8.5-7.5
Buenos Aires v Miami  Champs 10-6

San Jose v Webster        Hackers 9-7
St Louis vs San Diego   Surfters 7.5-8.5