Secrets of Pro Chess League, Week 4!

Secrets of Pro Chess League, Week 4!

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After this prolifically prodigious prestidigitator properly predicted the two biggest upsets of the last two weeks, I feel safe in saying that the next great PCL surprise is contained in the predictions below. Don't believe me? Well too bad!

History is on my side.

So peruse below for your sneak peek into the future! 

Eastern Division

Shymkent v Delhi: 7-9 It will be close. Grover and Suri will hold it even until FM Nihal Sarin shows up in the final round AND BOOM, there goes the dynamite.

Amaravati v Riga: 6-10 DO YOU BELIEVE IN MAGIC?

Mumbai v Belgrade: 8-8

Amsterdam v Odisha: 9-7

Ljubljana v Johannesburg: 10-6 WINTER IS COMING!

Norway v Gorky: 9-7 I can't help but pick for the Nazgul, I mean GNOMES!

Central Division

Budapest v London Lions: 9-7

Stockholm v Abuja: 9-7 for the snowballs!

Cannes v Hamburg: 10-6 it looks even, but Cannes has disappointed me this year.

Marseilles v Lagos: 16-0, Lago will need a dark room, some headache medicine and a years worth of video instruction to get over this loss.

London Towers v Reykjavik: 10-6 London. The Towers are more than the sum of their parts!

Apeldoorn v Dublin: 9-7 for the simians!

Atlantic Division

Buenos Aires v Atlanta: 10-6 RELEASE THE HOUNDS. And the Kraken. Mostly the Kraken.

New York v Patagonia: 10-6 for the Knights. They have time on their side.

Miami v Columbus: 10-6 for the Champs

Montreal 9-7 Carolina: I learned NEVER to pick against Carolina, but this time I fear, with the king Chessbra Hansen supporting his team, (:D get it?) Carolina will face a tough loss.

New Jersey v Toronto: 10-6

Rio Grande v Montclair: Ospreys 9-7

Pacific Division

Philadelphia v Las Vegas: 6-10 for the Rats!

Pittsburgh v Webster: 6-10, I still think Webster is underrated.

Dallas v Minnesota: 11-5 crushing win for Dallas Destiny

St. Louis v Portland: I counted the rain out last time, and I'm afraid they're going down again. 10.5-5.5 for the Arch Bishops

San Francisco v Seattle: 9-7 for San Franks Disco!

San Diego v San Jose: 10-6 The Melik led Surfers will DOMINATE what looks on paper to be a fairly equal matchup.