The Final Countdown! PCL Championship Weekend

The Final Countdown! PCL Championship Weekend


This is it, the last dance is fast approaching, and twinkle toes Wesley So is not about to be put in the corner.  

With dramatic chess on Saturday and Sunday, we will know the winner of the PCL before Monday.  But, if you wanted to know just a little bit sooner, you could always just read the rest of this prediction.

First up we have: 

St. Louis Arch Bishops against the Montreal Chessbrahs

Finally, after much bandying about in the preseason, we have a true clash of Titans.  Top five players So and Caruana will square off against each other in a board one battle of the ages.  I give the edge to So and Co.  The simple fact is that So is IN THE ZONE, and has been performing like an valedictorian on adderall.  

My guess:

9-7 for the Arch B's!

Norway Gnomes face off against the Stockholm Snowballs

The Stockholm Snowballs have been winning crushing upsets like Rambo Olaf in a freezer full of M60 grenades, but there's just one problem in their future.  The perennial master and King of Chess in general, Magnus C.  Carlsen has been proving that being number 1 is something that matters, and has made a career of showing underdogs their place.  

9-7 for Norway.


This predictor predicts that we will see:

Arch B's vs Gnomes

I think the Arch Bishops win 4 matches out of 5 in this matchup . . . it's just that I think Sunday will be one of the 20%.  Count on Magnus' team cinching another title!

There you have it folks?  Think I missed a prediction?  Let me know, and make sure to make me eat crow when Championship Weekend goes down!

Hasta la Pasta!