The WO Strikes Back!!! Invades the World Open!!!

The WO Strikes Back!!! Invades the World Open!!!


In a day of replete and utter ignominy, Team went 0-4.  Believe me, there was some teeth gnashing, some crying in the hotel lobby, some talk of a kickstarter campaign to pay for a memorial to our World Open tournament hopes and dreams.

As a team, we went through several phases of grief. 


Anger: [expletives deleted]

Bargaining:  “I think I should have offered a draw here.”

Acceptance and Hope: “Hey, you want to go play bughouse?”

Yours truly went down in flames after a brief theoretical discussion and a blunder.

A more notable game was played by Sam Copeland, who offered a piece sac to upcoming star FM Awonder Liang (Notations by Sam Copeland).

Kirkwood of the Malicious Matts also had an exciting material imbalance in which some natural looking moves led to disaster (notations by Matt Lodge)

There's not much for us to do now but dry our tears and go out and win some games today!  Wish us luck, and if you are so inclined, make the proper prayers/propitiations/sacrifices to your spirits/gods/entities-of-preference on our behalf!

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