Positional failures

I played the following game vs a 1700 today in a tournament, it was interesting, yet I came out lost from the opening. After my opponent made some major positional errors, all of a sudden I had an easy win.



  • 4 years ago


    Some comments now that I'm more experienced - Bc4 does not just lose control of d5, it also trades my good bishop for his bad one.

    I missed Nxa3 at least once.

    I put way too many exclams, even on natural moves like Nf1.

    26. Nxd5 doesn't just hit the bishop, it also seems more natural.

    e4 e3 is strong, but also relatively obvious.

    Why is Rd2 a double exclam - he obviously can't take it, and it just threatens to win?

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