How much time do you study chess?

Feb 4, 2009, 11:09 PM |

How much time do you dedicate to chess in a day/week?  There was a survey done somewhere on the interent, where it was basically stated that amateurs spent a couple hours a day and the strength of the player increased exponentially by the number of hours committed per week, ending with Grandmasters spending 30+ hours a week.

I sometimes feel like I spend a lot of time on chess, but in reality I spend more time thinking about playing than actually playing.

I personally have found that I atleast think about the game more now that I am playing on  With so many turn based games going, I sometimes find myself mulling over a position long after I have left the computer. Or I might be anxious to get back to the computer to see if a move has been made on a certain board.

For me this is an improvement, but I am certain it doesn't constitute studying. Strong players actually spend time on preparation. Line analysis, theory, opening ideas etc.

I have been casually looking into some new lines.  Funny thing is.  During the last month or so, I find myself actually going to the book store and looking at chess books. Despite the technology that exists, I still find comfort in picking up a book and analyzing.

Don't get me wrong. I love my computer. I am quick to visit or This Week in Chess or some major tournament site to see the latest games. But I still like the physical book.

One of my favorite book series is the New In Chess Yearbooks. I can honestly say when I was studying these books I saw significant improvement in my overall chess understanding.  I also was exposed to some grandmaster level ideas that I haven't been able to find in other sources or websites.