Excelling at Technical Chess

Feb 7, 2009, 9:26 AM |

I am reading "Excelling at Technical Chess" by Jacob Aagaard.

I am early in the book but already he has said some meaningful and helpful things. One of which I will share with you right now.

Pieces should be activated in descending order. This means queen before rook, rook before king and king before minor pieces. And hence, of course, queen or rook before minor pieces.

You might say what are you talking about?  The context in which Jacob is speaking is the endgame.  Do you find yourself in the endgame and not having an obvious plan?  Some endgames are fairly obvious but others require serious planning. 

I have observed even candidate masters floundering around in the endgame trying to come up with a plan when the position is technically even.  Jacob recommends an order which to activate your pieces.

For those looking for my book review. I give this book a "Thumbs Up!"  Go out and get this one.