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Strongest Week of Chess

Strongest Week of Chess

Feb 15, 2009, 7:20 AM 0

What a week we have in store for us. Starting Feb. 17th the Kamsky-Topolav match finally begins. I have been waiting for this matchup for over a year.  I personally believe that Topolav is a favorite, but I know Kamsky has some novelties prepared that are good for the amateur.

It was Gata Kamsky that motivated me many years ago with one of his Ruy Lopez lines.  I was in a chess hiatus and hadn't played in close to two years, when I came across one of his recent games in the newspaper.  I went over that game and got remotivated.  I began studying just that one game of chess for close to 3 months. 

After studying that game I just couldn't tear myself away from a chessboard.  I went searching for tournaments, anywhere I could find them.  I can officially say that his Ruy Lopez line has given me 100 OTB rating points!

I am hoping that he has some more motivation coming this next week.

We will also be blessed with the Linares tourney.  This event has all the punch of a superheavy weight bout and x-games combined. 

Stay tuned for some exciting chess.

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