A Birthday

A Birthday

Jul 11, 2009, 9:24 AM |

How about a birthday without any gifts, sweets & wishes

No peoples around me to celebrating it.

Without a new dress, it was gone.

without a dinner, it was gone.

A birthday without friends & family, it was gone.

Nothing specially happened on that day, but it was a important day in my life.

Religious functions & celebrations comes for joy of a society or a country.

But birthday is greater than any other celebrations.

Because it is comes for only one person.

One candle, one cake & only me on that room.

Only one candle lighting my room.

In the deep silence I hearing the water drops leaking from the pipe.

That is only one sound I hearing on that room. On that room nobody to celebrate it.

without gifts, sweets, claps & wishes a bithday was gone.

without any celebrations a birthday was gone.

A birthday going normal as like other days.

The candle light shining on that cake. it is waiting to blow off.

But anybody didn't blow off the candle till last.