Should a defuct body allowed to host National tourney?

Aug 13, 2008, 3:27 AM |

Shrikant Barve who has represented Goa at National 'B' Annual Chess Tounament held at Dindigul, Tamil Nadu in 2007 has raised his objection for holding National B in Goa by Goa State Chess Association. He has submitted his objection to Sports Authority of Goa which controls sports activity in Goa and finances Goa State Chess Association.

Reason for objection :Goa State Chess Association (GSCA) is a defuct body.

Shrikant Barve came to know status of GSCA as he applied for certified copy of registration of GSCA. In reply registrar has stated that Regd No 39 of 78 in the name of All Goa Daman Diu State Chess Association alis Goa State Chess Association
has not renewed its Registration Certificate till today. Therefore, it becomes an unregistered society under section 3(B)(5) of the societies Registration (Goa Second Amendment ) Act, 1998.

GSCA had a opportunity on April 27 2008 to renew its registration under Registrar of societies Act. A Annual General Body meeting of GSCA was fixed on April 27 2008. This
was fixed in January Executive body meeting wherein Shrikant Barve was also invited. Mr. Barve had offered the venue for AGM and Ex. body had accepted Barve's offer and he had booked a A/c hall for April 27 AGM at International Centre Goa (ICG), Dona Paula. Infact January Executive meeting was also held at ICG. But Sameer Salgaocars All India Chess Association Vice President and President GSCA and others cancelled that meeting and without informing Barve. Had that meeting took place, everything would have rectified by now.

Now it is too late.

Please also note that Selection for Goa team to represent Goa at or National B has not been held till date. For past 20 years it was always held in last week of May or First week of June. Now as GSCA knows the status has not bothered to hold
selection tournament for GOA team to represent Goa at National B.