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Learning from Yasser Seirawan Part 1

Dec 30, 2011, 7:55 AM 9

Learning from Yasser Seirawan Part 1


Seirawan, 1994. Picture taken from http://nezhmet.wordpress.com/tag/yasser-seirawan/



Currently in my studies I am looking at the games of Yasser Seirawan. I have decided to publish my analysis for a couple of reasons:


1. This forces me to analyze every week and work hard at producing the best work

2. I believe that many viewers on Chess.com can also benefit from learning from Seirawan's games.



Short Biography

Yasser Seirawan was born on March 24, 1960 and is an American Grandmaster. In the late 1980s and 1990s Seirawan was at his peak, and became known for his positional style and involvement in chess politics.


How to use this article

<1600 Play through the mainlines and please DO ask questions!
1600-1800 Play through the mainlines and also the sidelines.
2000+ Just enjoy Seirawan's style and play. Remember, I am not a GM so feel free to correct my analysis if needed!



The following game is taken from his early years and features a nice struggle with chances for both sides.


I will definitely try to publish every 1.5 weeks (hopefully every week) so keep posted!
Thank you!

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