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Learning from Yasser Seirawan Part 3

Jan 13, 2012, 7:01 PM 3

Learning from Yasser Seirawan Part 3



In this week's game we see a great positional piece by Seirawan. I plan on doing things a little bit differently this time. Following the traditional diagram would be a long extended version of the analysis - skip to this if you find the single game board to be too congested. I will try to stop at points I believe are the critical moments.


As always, I suggest looking at all the moves, including the alternate moves as sometimes I explain a position with a variation instead of a verbal description.


Long game version: At each point where it says "White (or Black) to play", pause and try to figure out a continuation/plan/idea. This is not a graded assignment so just the effort counts!
White to play: See if you can figure out Seirawan's next move.
Now is the first critical moment. How should White continue?
White to play:  Should White play Bg2 or Bh3?
White to play: What is White's plan?
White to play: If you get this, pat yourself on the back, because you think like a super GM!
White to play: White obviously has a nice advantage, but now how should he play?
White to play: Come up with the tactical transformation that leads to a great attacking position for White:
hint: sacrifice!
White's pieces dominate. But that is an empty comment. White's
pieces are all very active, but it is not clear how he is going to create
threats. Seirawan chooses to rearrange this knights.
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