Queen's Gambit Declined Unorthodox

Queen's Gambit Declined Unorthodox

Aug 25, 2011, 4:35 PM |
Hi again!

Sorry for the late post. I realize now how difficult it will be to post a blog every week, so I am changing it to a more flexible one: each time I have an inspiration.
Today's post is actually an idea I've had for quite some time but never got around to writing about it. Enjoy!

We make ourselves familiar with the following opening called the Queen's Gambit Declined Orthodox.


As the name suggests, play is "orthodox." Each move is easy to explain, and the opening is able to finish logically until the more complex middlegame occurs.


Now let us divulge into something a little different:


Black develops and defends the d5 pawn, but this time it is on e7! What is this madness? Let's see the point of this tricky move:
And now White has two branches to choose:
2)and d5?!
Clearly, Black's opening should not be taken lightly. Of course, there is a reason why Grandmasters have not been playing this move as much as Nf6, and that is because White does not have to play e4 immediately. Here is my recommended approach to facing this system:
And now it is difficult to suggest a plan for Black. For example:
Black accepts the gambit.
Black plays slowly and "traditionally"
Even though these positions are not going to be seen that often, we can see that studying it is quite helpful. I hope you have not considered this a complete waste of time, and please leave a comment. You might as well if you have made it this far!
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