From Horse's Behind to Knight

Jun 20, 2008, 3:14 PM |

If any of you are wondering where some of my forum posts have dissapeared to, I've deleted many of them.  I've gotten rid of my argumentative and sarcastic posts in all threads that have been active in the last five days(tonight I'll tackle the rest) and will no longer involve myself in edgy discussions.  The reasons are threefold:


1.  I've applied for a job here at  While I'm not getting my hopes up about my chances, the mere fact that I've applied means that my opinions on possibly inflammatory issues no longer have a place on this site.  This thought has opened my eyes to the next two reasons for my new behavior.


2.  I've been a member of for a while now and haven't been improving my game lately.  I spend an average of 40 hours per week on  The percentage of that time that I spend using the awesome resources which are at my fingertips is unacceptably low.  So, while you won't be getting a battle in the forums any longer, I hope to pick up a few new weapons for the war on the board.   Wink


3.  I'll now have more time to read through the unanswered and chess related threads.  I've been skimping on what drew me to in the first place-- the chess!  While I still give analysis and answer questions where I can currently, the 'new me' will be actively seeking questions to answer and games to look through.  Heck, you may even see more blogs from me in the future(thank you, Rael, for spurring me to write a blog entry... I can't believe that was a month agoEmbarassed).


All in all, you will be seeing a more informative, helpful, and generally pleasant me.  Oh, to accent this I'll be using more smileys.  What's more fun than smileys?!   Laughing