One plan good, one plan bad

Dec 19, 2010, 6:30 AM |

Hello everybody,


I am back again with another game of mine. When I was new to chess, I used to play without a concrete plan the most of the time. But this is bad for your chess improvement, so I finally got round to think more about my goals in chess and how to achieve them. This process will obviously not protect you from losing, but losing now will turn into a better learning experience, by asking some basic questions:

  • Was the goal of my plan correct?
  • Did I execute the plan correctly?
  • Or was the position already losing, so that even the correct plan with proper execution didn't save the game?

By answering these questions you will be able to improve your strategical skills and come up with better plans in the future.


This sums it up nicely:

"Better to play with a bad plan, than with none at all."

(I don't remember where this is from, but it is not from me)


Ok, so here is the game. As always, any kind of comments are welcome: