An Application Essay: A Creative Narrative

Dec 29, 2011, 5:54 PM |

Hello All!

     For a while now I have been experiencing the joy of filling out college applications.  As many of you know, this process involves writing numerous essays on a wide variety of topics.  Well, during my hours of toil I wrote some essays I thought would be interesting to share with others.  So, hate it or like it, here is one such essay :)

     This essay was supposed to be a creative narrative.  I had a 300 word limit and was required to use at least 3 of 5 provided words (I used 4, but I feel no need to share the words since this knowledge doesn't add to the story).  I'm not quite sure what I would title this essay, so any suggestions are welcome!

     Feel free to leave any comments and criticisms!  Thanks for reading!


     Percy was bored.  Impatiently, he shifted his body-weight from foot to foot.  Mom seemed to be taking forever with finding the right illumination for her pictures.  If she didn't finish soon Percy was sure they wouldn't see the wolves before the zoo closed.  Sneaking a glance over at Mom, he saw her still happily snapping her shutter in no apparent hurry.  Exasperated, Percy shook his head.  He didn't know why she was making such a fuss over these particular beasts.  After all, they were just uninteresting animals.  

     Entirely bored out of his mind, Percy moved closer to the glass divider separating himself from the creatures so he could observe them.  Black, white, feathered... what was the key aspect about penguins that captured his Mom’s attention so entirely?  He would never understand her fascination with these animals.  As if reading his thoughts, one of the penguins clumsily waddled itself over to the glass where Percy stood.  Seemingly making its own observation, the bird stared back at Percy.  Slightly unsettled, Percy looked back over his shoulder to see how Mom was progressing.  Well it looked like she was done taking pictures, but now she was chatting away on her phone.  He’d never get to see those wolves if she didn't hurry up.  

     Turning back his attention to the curious penguin, Percy gave it one last glare before deciding he had had enough of this delay.  Determined, he quickly began making his way down the zoo pathway.  Noticing the tug on her hand, Mom ended her call and walked over to Percy.  Scooping him up into her arms, she lovingly stroked his ears as she carried him down the path.  Percy excitedly wagged his tail.  Finally!  If they hurried they might still have time to see some really interesting animals... especially the wolves...