An Update of my Chess Season


     Well, my school's chess team's season is officially over for now (starts back up in the fall).  It has been an exciting time for both me and the team.  Because I couldn't find the time to post separate blogs for most of these events, I am going to post a summary of the entire season here.  I will be listing them in the order that they happened.

     - Became Board 1 of my school's team for the first time with a record of 9+ 0= 0- in the placement games.  Quite a jump from being their Board 3 last year!  Thanks to all who helped me improve enough to obtain that position!

     - I placed 3rd in the Open section at our League's Ice-breaker tournament with a record of 2+ 2= 0-.  This was my best performance up to that point at our league tournaments.  I have a blog showing my games from this tournament.  Our school team also grabbed 2nd in Open and 1st-4th in Reserve.

     - Our school won our League for the first time since 1984!  Our record was 6+ 1= 1- for our matches.

     - At our League's end of the year tournament, I placed 1st in the Open section with a record of 3+ 1= 0-!  I got extremely lucky with this placement... my second game was lost and I only won by luck... extreme luck (There is an interesting story involved with this game if you are curious).  I drew my last game, but that was all I had to do to win, so I let that one be a fun winddown game.  Our school also grabbed 1st, 2nd, and 4th in Reserve.  One of our players also tied for 5th in Open, but he lost out in the tie-breakers.

       - We went to States and our school team placed first in our section!  I didn't do too well myself, unfortunately, (was in a chess slump) and went 3+ 1= 1-.  We went there with only 4 players.  Only your top 4 scores are counted in your cumulative team score.  This means that the entire team (including myself) did well enough overall compared to our competitors :)


     To summarize, our team won our League and won States... what more could we ask for?  :)