It's time for Round #2! Vote for Humankind Water!

Apr 11, 2012, 9:44 AM |


This is how many children die every day just because they don't have access to clean drinking water.  Some call this the biggest physical problem today...


5 Minutes

This is how much time it would take each day for you to help save 1,000's of lives.


I'm glad you asked!  Walmart is running a nationwide contest where consumers vote to determine which of over 4,000 products will be placed on Walmart's shelves.  "Humankind Water" is a product in this competition, but unlike the other products "Humankind Water" isn't in this for a profit.  All of HkW's net-profits are donated to helping dig wells, providing water filters, and other ways to help end thirst-related deaths.

Here's where you come into the picture (and your 5 minutes of time).  HkW needs our votes in order to win!  You can vote via texting, facebook, and a bunch of other easy ways!  Easy, right?  Better yet, you can vote 2 times each day!  HkW is aiming for 1 million votes so they need all the help they can get.  If you vote every day, and even get your friends involved, you can help HkW win and ultimately save 1,000's of lives!  Not a bad way to spend those 5 minutes, eh?


So, to start voting and saving lives you can:

A) Go to where you can vote and learn more about Humankind Water and their mission

B) Text HKW to #50500.  This will not vote, but it will tell you how to vote and will remind you daily to vote.

C)  Facebook, facebook, facebook... need I say more? ;)  Go and like them!

D) TELL OTHERS!!!  The more the merrier.  Walmart's rules allow this :)  In fact, they encourage this!


So, now that you know about this cause, why wouldn't you put aside 5 minutes each day to make a difference???  It's quick, easy, and for a very good cause!  Please, help save lives and put "Humankind Water" on the shelves!

"Humankind Water (tm).  Refreshing for you.  Life saving for them."


 ~~Round #2 - UPDATE!~~

  • HumankindWater

    Voting in the FINALS starts TODAY... Wed, Apr 11th... and goes for 14 days.  Everone gets 2 votes per day... one via text... and one via Facebook.  that is 28 votes.  We need EVERYONE to make sure you get all 28 of your votes in and counted... going 28 for 28... which you can commit to do on our website at

    (1) Vote by texting 4829 to 3838383
    (2) Vote by going to our website and clicking VOTE NOW and then VOTE USING FACEBOOK

    if you'd like a daily reminder to vote, please text HKW to 50500 and we'll send you a text message each day during the contest period.

    Thanks... remember... Winning means saving lives, so please tell your friends and ask them to text HKW to 50500 as well!