Carlsen Vs. Norway

May 2, 2014, 3:13 AM |

8th of May WC Magnus Carlsen will face the entire Norwegian population in a chess game hosted by the Norwegian newspaper VG.

Carlsen will have 1 minute to make a move. Then three GMs (Jon Ludvig Hammer, Simen Agdestein and Leif Erlend Johannesen) have 1 minute to individually suggest a move. Finally the Norwegian people (have 5 mins to) vote for one of the tree suggested moves. If the GMs happen to chooce the same move, it will automatically be moved. If two GMs suggest the same move, the Norwegian people only get two moves to vote for.

But there is a twist, not in favor of Carlsen. Three times throughout the game, the GMs can get help from Houdini. When a GM decides to use Houdini, he has to choose Houdinis reccomendation as his suggestion.

Unfortunately it's possible I'll lose, says Carlsen to VG.

For more information, read this google-translated article;