Chess Engine v2

Jul 24, 2013, 9:11 PM |

My old chess engine is a failure at chess so I decided to start over from scratch, this time using what I learned from my previous attempts.

Disclaimer: I do not use this or any other engine to cheat on I'm a programmer, and I'm writing a chess engine.

The new engine now understands ALL chess rules (the old one didn't know about 3-fold repetition and had trouble with capture promotions). I switched from using square arrays to bit-boards and put some effort in to generating large, pre-calculated tables to speed up evaluation and move generation.

I had my new engine play my old engine in a 20 game match (each looking only 2 moves deep), and it got quite crazy. The new engine won 17-1-2. Here are a few of my favorites...

Mate in 7:

Another cool game:

This game had a cool rook sacrifice:

Cool mate:

OK, that's enough of the tournament games. Here's a game I played against it (set to depth 2).


Click the "PGN" button to see the actual analysis lines as calculated by each engine during the game.