Two games with a Candidate Master

Oct 28, 2009, 9:40 PM |

Here are two recent games I played with CM ilmago. Both games are Fischer Random, or Chess 960 as it's known here, and both feature the same backrank assortment. Overall I am happy with the way I played. There were some moments when I played too aggressively, and times when I missed a key move. It was difficult to put together a lasting attack. Whenever I felt like I had him on the ropes, he'd play a move that basically forced my hand.

Both games went into the endgame. In the second, I managed to get a material advantage (two pawns), so winning that endgame was just a matter of technique. I had his king on a leash and pawn majorities on both sides of the board. The first game, however, was much more difficult. As usual, I felt like I was winning right up to the moment I lost. :)

It's not every day I get to play a master, so I am extremely grateful CM ilmago challenged me to play a couple games. They were very fun and a great challenge. Hope you enjoy looking through them. :)