Is it safe to use Ambien ( Zolpidem) sleeping pills during pregnancy ?
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Is it safe to use Ambien ( Zolpidem) sleeping pills during pregnancy ?

Mar 5, 2018, 4:02 AM |

Pregnant women often find it difficult to attain a good night rest. They remain awake at night due to   nausea, fluctuation in hormone levels, restless legs, nausea, kicks from an unborn child or difficulty in finding a comfortable position. Sleep medications may help pregnant women to rest peacefully, but they are neither safe nor are the permanent solution for their sleep troubles.

Pregnant women are advised to get in touch with a doctor before the use of sleep medications

Sleep medications are discouraged by the doctors due to safety reasons. Sleep medications such as Ambien should always be used under the supervision of a physician and must be used for a short-term duration.

Some of the important points which a pregnant woman must consider before taking sleep medications are:

Doctor’s mainly categorized sleep medications for the use of pregnant women into different classes – A, B and C.

Class A medications are considered safe during pregnancy,  but unfortunately, there are no sleep medications in this classification.

Class B includes prescription sleeping pills such as Ambien ( Zolpidem) which relax the brain and the central nervous system for a calm sleep at night. These pills are highly useful for different sleep disorders and disturbances.

Class C includes medications such as Rozeram, Lunesta and Sonata which can prove harmful for both the pregnant woman and her baby.

 Short-term use of sleep medications is recommended

Pregnant women should not use sleep medications for the prolonged period. Extended use of these pills can lead to addiction, dependence and tolerance.  It is recommended to restrict their use for a limited period only. When taken throughout pregnancy, the newborn may even become used to their effect and withdrawal symptoms. 

There are several remedies to improve sleep during pregnancy

  • Correct use of the pillow

Single/ double pregnancy wedge pillows and full-length body pillows are specifically made for pregnant women . Pregnant ladies can use a pillow between their legs in order to get lower back support as well as under their tummy to make sleeping on the side comfortable.


  • Eat wisely before retiring to bed

Women expecting childbirth must avoid the use of fatty and greasy meals before bedtime. A warm glass of milk or having a light snack such as banana or turkey sandwich could induce sleep in a pregnant woman. In order to regulate blood pressure, she could even have peanut butter sandwich, scrambled eggs or beans on toast. 

  • Practice Yoga and stretching exercises

Yoga, meditation and breathing exercises can enable a pregnant lady to stay fit and relax peacefully. Several gyms and health clubs have designed stretching exercises especially for them.

  • Massage Therapy

A massage calms your muscles and prepares you for adequate relaxation. A message on neck, foot or hand eases labor and can be a great way to induce sleep.

  • Deep breathing exercises

Deep breathing exercises calm the muscles and the central nervous system and enable you to sleep well. You must repeat the exercise giving adequate pauses between inhaling and exhaling.

  • Use of Aromatherapy Oils

Aromatherapy oils must be used by the pregnant women in the first trimester of their pregnancy in order to sleep better. 

  • Safety precautions before the use of Herbal remedies

Herbal remedies such as melatonin, passion flower, Valerian root and Siberian ginseng must be used after the approval of your doctor. Majority of the health care professionals are of the opinion that herbal solutions should be avoided during pregnancy and nursing. 

  • Say no to alcohol and smoking

Consumption of alcohol and nicotine is harmful to both the mother and baby. Both of them disrupt sleep pattern and lead to restlessness. 

Ambien 10mg should always be taken by pregnant women under the guidance of a healthcare professional. Further, it should never be used for short-term duration only. Use of this sleep medication for an extended duration will cause harm to both the mother and her baby