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chess: beginner's advice

chess: beginner's advice

Aug 2, 2010, 8:05 PM 0

I see there are lots of beginners on chess.com, and I often see them asking for advice on how to get better at chess, so I'll throw my two cents worth in. The first thing I would say is to try and control the center. It's kind of like a game of tennis. If your opponent hits the ball to the far left, and you run to chase it, his next strategy will be to hit it to the far right so you will have the farthest distance to chase it. The center is the closest to every part of the board. Or it's kind of like if you were in a room with lots of doors, and men from mars attacked, where would you be best placed to guard every door. In the center of the room. People usually try to have at least one pawn in the center, two if the opponent let's them, and even three, although you want to be careful about not overextending. Then you want to get your pieces out. If you don't get your pieces out, and you leave them on their original squares that's kind of like a boxer going into the ring with his hands behind his back. Your pieces are like your fists. Especially your bishops and knights. But leave your queen at home, she just becomes a big target, like walking around town carrying a purse with hundred dollar bills sticking out of it. Plus each piece that develops of your opponent often chases the queen around, gaining them a tempo, which means they are getting peices developed while you are moving the same piece twice, another no no in the opening. Here, I'll give you an example of what I mean.

And not only does white have more development but black's queen is trapped.

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