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New Tactics Book for Kindle

New Tactics Book for Kindle

Dec 13, 2012, 3:22 PM 0

Tim Brennan and I have created a new chess tactics book specifically (and only) for kindle called Tactics Time 1001 chess tactics from the games of everyday players.

Tim Brennan is the former editor of the Colorado Chess Informant, and the creator of Tactics Time, the section dedicated to tactics in the Colorado Informant, and the website dedicated to helping class  players improve their tactics.

The idea behind this book is to show positions that arose from real games in which there was a tactic either missed, or found, and present it to the reader to solve. Tim spent years collecting these games, and put them through computer analysis to avoid errors in the answer section. 

Each puzzle includes the name of the players (mostly from Colorado) who played the game from which the puzzle arose.

The book is only available on kindle. Kindle can be downloaded for free onto your computer or iphone, or both. 

Check out the book here.

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