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Slimedog Vesus Gerg

Nov 24, 2010, 8:13 AM 0

All I wanted to do was end this game. Being the soccer mom that I am, I was late picking my son up from his practice (actually it wasn't soccer, it was violin, but same difference) and I had been playing chess online like an addict and forgot the time. I noticed the clock on the wall, and was didn't want to resign, so instead I played fearlessly, fully expecting to lose quickly. But I ended up totally ahead. Some of the animal chess openings, as ridiculous as they are, take me out of my safe familiar chess world and I think it has helped me. I quit worrying about material so much. Do we only get better when get sick of playing it safe? Sometimes I wonder... Of course this was just junk chess, and some chess nerd will "rybka" it and show me how lost I was all game. Lol.

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