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The "Singing Bass Fish" of chess

The "Singing Bass Fish" of chess

Jul 20, 2010, 1:50 PM 1
When he tried to fishing pole me I kept thinking, "Does he really think I'm going to fall for that?" And after the game he told me he was thinking, "She wrote the book, do I really think she is going to fall for the fishing pole?"



Actually I just would never take the bait although computers can and do. Once my co-author Brian Wall was playing in the Kansas Open and before the game his opponent told him, "You're fishing pole nonsense has been refuted." Brian nodded and smiled and then played the fishing pole anyway. His opponent thought until he only had five minutes on his clock, trying to remember the refutation. He could not, as Sarah Palin says, "refutiate it."  
After the game he kindly bought a copy of "How To Play Chess Like An Animal." I recommend you do the same!

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