concentration, concentration, concentration

May 18, 2008, 4:32 AM |

concentration you'd think that was pretty obvious you might need a bit of that playing chess but for some reason i seem to lack it here!

 i can play poker all day and never lose concentration.

I work on the books and am pretty much oblivious to anything around me.

yet i play chess online and give my queen away to a pawn of all things!

perhaps i don't take chess seriously enough it's hardly my whole life! but i would like to have over a 50% in record which will take some doing at present!

I have just won the last 3 games in a row though. >yes 1 was a time out< so maybe just maybe i'm finally starting to give my concentration to chess like i do everything else!

here's hoping!

quick thanks to all the new friends i made playing on here certainly made things a lot more fun! in particular Paula, Andy and gorilla, nice to know there are still decent ppl out there on the net to meet!