The player behind the game

May 26, 2008, 10:28 AM |

Some people on here are simply here for 100% chess pure and simple.

don't wanna make friends, don't want to chat don't even want to say hi or good luck.

that's fine everyone is here first and foremost to play chess after all it is a chess website!

but there are some more than a few i would imagine that don't mind a little chat or at least to say hi or good luck or even good game at the end.

after all at behind every chess piece lies a person.

I am obviously 1 such person like everyone else I sometimes have bad days (or even whole weeks) not always chatty but will usually offer good luck or at least good game.

I have got to know a couple of players pretty well in a short space of time and hope that with games friendship only increases further in future.

Truly some great people that play chess on this site.

anyone interested in finding out more about me can read my autobiography using the homepage link on my profile.

more blogs will also be posted there soon covering many other things.

this post isn't an attempt to get my blog views up (I don't pay any attention to view numbers if it says 10 or 10 million)

just an open invite to get to know myself as a person that sits opposite you on the other side of the chess board.

My autobiography can be somewhat strange and my style will certainly not suit every reader.

it is listed as an adult content blog on the site due to the bad language at times (not every line i can assure you)

well enough going on back to the chess with a little concentration i might get my winning run back! (couldn't play any worse than i did over the weekend!)