At First Sight: Dortmund R7

Jul 5, 2015, 6:29 PM |

As some of my readers may have noticed, I was not able to watch all of the Dortmund games unwind live (I only did it for R1), so I only checked the games' results about six hours after they finished.

Well, today, when I first checked the results, I saw "Nisipeanu 1-0 Caruana" and was absolutely stunned for a moment. Then, I went back and read it carefully again. That's when I saw the "Nisipeanu 0-1 Caruana".

If Norway Chess wasn't Fab's tournament, Dortmund Sparkassen certainly made up for it.

Something else that shocked me was "So 1-0 Kramnik". I guess Vlad's glorious Mr. Dortmund days may be slowly coming to a depressing end.

The other two games, Hou-Nepom and Naiditsch-Meier, both ended in draws. I expected Naiditsch to win, but I guess I was indeed right about the only female player's -2 score. Oh well.